Facts about Wisdom Teeth!!!

Most adults have four wisdom teeth. Its eruption may be painful, grow irregularly or pose no issues in some adults. These teeth can often times causes several dental problems such as: -Overcrowding -Tooth impaction -Pericoronitis (infections) -Bad Breathe -Dental Caries on adjacent tooth Of all its side effect, Pericoronitis has some serious health impacts that

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Stop Bad Breath!!

Most people wake up with bad breath. Here are some causes and tips to prevent bad breath… Bad Breath also known as halitosis can result from various poor dental habits. It can be worsened by food types or may be a sign to other health problems. Common Causes: Digestion of all food eaten begins in

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Child Care & Early Education Programs

Childhood health programs are critical outlets to foster mental and physical development in children. They eliminate hospital anxiety,promote health of a developing child,prevent them from diseases and help make informed decisions about their health. One of such programs organised by Haven Optical and Dental Clinic was an Outdoor learning program for the pupils of Royal

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Fluoride Treatment

Kids are generally at high risk of developing tooth decay because of the frequent consumption of sugary foods and fizzy drinks. Most kids have phobia for the dental clinic because their first visit is usually attributed to pain. Once pain is the symptom, treatment options are usually invasive and then the experience could be unpleasant.

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a condition also referred to as “GUM DISEASES”. This is an inflammation of the gums and if severe, can lead to the loss of the tissues and bone supporting the teeth. It is caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms continuously on the teeth. There are several causes of

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Tooth Sensitivity

Do substances like hot or cold food/drinks, sweets, chocolates, hurt your teeth? If yes, you might have a condition called Dentine Hypersensitivity also know as Tooth Sensitivity. Dentine Hypersensitivity could be described as a sharp shocking sensation felt usually due to exposure of the coronal or root dentine. Some factors or Habits that could lead

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Oral Health Education

In this write up we will consider some tips for maintaining a good oral health -Poor oral health not only affects physical, emotional and mental well-being but it’s also associated with serious medical conditions such as diabetes and respiratory diseases. High sugar consumption has been implicated as the most common risk factor for tooth decay

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